How to Start a Project

Policy for pricing- what does your normal pricing include?   What do you need in order to provide a quote?

With custom work we cannot provide pricing until we have determined what we are making. Design time, files, materials, sizes, quantities, finish work, etc… all need to be factored into the equation. Once we nail down all of the variables, we can provide a complete cost (or per piece) estimate. A final bid will typically include the following costs:

  • Setup – Price for everything required to begin your project, including design time, file prep, machine prep, registration, material prep, etc.
  • Production – The amount of machine time your project will require billed in 1/4 hour increments at our hourly rate OR that same cost divided by your total quantity.
  • Material – Cost for the needed materials


Policy for design time- At the owners discretion, you will be charged x amount per hour in order to get your project to a place where we can begin to consider production.   This does not include pricing of materials.