CNC Cutting and Carving

Picture this:  A table router, turned upside down, attached to an arm, controlled by a computer that tells it where to go, how fast and how deep, and then mows through the material, delivering your end product.  Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.  Plus, as an added bonus, it makes dust and debris fly everywhere.  You get all of the precision of a graphic vector file with the sharp cuts and various shaped paths of a router bit.  Scroll down for more details.


We operate a 3 axis CNC router with a 2.2HP spindle that functions over a 97×49″ work table with a powerful vacuum draw down. This digitally controlled router is capable of cutting, carving, drilling and marking with excellent detail on a large scale. Great for producing modular elements, furniture, displays, signs, and removing chunks of fingers (wait, noooo!). This machine delivers amazing results on just about any material that can be cut with a spinning blade. We stock an assortment of materials and have access to thousands of options of solid woods, plywoods, plastics and composites. We also stock a number of router bits capable of cutting and carving in a variety of shapes, thickness, and depth.



Solid Wood




Aluminum Composite






Expanded PVC


Polyethelene (HDPE)


Fibreboard (MDF)






And much more