How to Start a Project

It’s not as hard as you think… thats what she said?

Please do your best to answer all of these questions before you email us. 


Question # 1

What are we making? 

What is the project that you would like for us to collaborate on?  Please provide as detail of information as possible.  Seriously.   You cannot give us too much information.   Below are more questions to help you figure out what we need to know.


Question #2

How are we making it?   Laser?  CNC?  Printing?

What kind of technology do you want to use on this project?   Make sure that you visit the “Services” or “Our Work” sections to see examples of what each machine can do.


Question #3

What are we making it on?

Have you thought though what kind of material you want to use?   Wood?  Acrylic?  Oil board?  Plastic?  If you have questions about which materials might be good for you project, do not hesitate to include them in your email.


Question #4

How big is it?

Again this is where specifics really help us understand what kind of job this is and how we should proceed.   Be as specific as you can because this information will affect several different parts of the project.


Question #5

How many are we making?

You got this one.


Question #6

Do you have a file?

If you have a file already prepared this will greatly streamline how long it takes to get your project started.   Please look at the “File Prep” section to see what kind of files we need to get started.


Question #7

Does it require any additional finish work?

Do you want the finished piece to be sanded or stained?  Does it need to be painted?   Would you like us to import angel tears from Iceland in order to put just the right sheen on the finished product?   Is rush shipment necessary?

What do you want the finished product to look like?  Let us know now so that we can make that a part of your project from the start.


Question #8

Do you need design time in order to start your project?

Please refer to our “Design” page and “Policy” page to help you answer this question.  The more you have ready for us, the less design time is needed.  But if you project is pretty bare bones, you may need to engage our design works service.   This information needs to be communicated and planned at the start of the project.


Question #9

When do you need this project to be finished?

Is this a rush job?   Please look at our “Policy” page to see how we handle such requests.   We are a busy ship but we do our best to accommodate all of our clients.


Question #10

Have you read through the Policy section?

I know that it is boring but we took the time to write it so that we can make sure that we are doing things right on our end.   Plus a lot of your questions may be answered there.  Please take some time to read through it.


Question #11

What are the other details?

Is there any important information we haven’t thought to ask for?  Again, you cannot give us too much information on your project.   Let us have it.


Question #12

We have been asking the wrong question about woodchucks all along.   The question is not how much wood would they chuck, but rather why they are called woodchucks in the first place?   They do not chuck wood.   They chew wood.   So why aren’t they called wood chewers?   Was that name already taken? 


Email us now.  What are you waiting for?