Terms and Conditions

The boring but important stuff.

Production Pricing

With custom work we cannot provide pricing until we have determined what we are making.  Design time, files, materials, sizes, quantities, finish work, etc… all need to be factored into the equation.  What are we making?  Which machine are we using?  How big?  What material?  How many?  Once we nail down all of the variables, we can provide a complete cost (or per piece) estimate.  A final bid will typically include the following costs:

  • Setup – Price for everything required to begin your project, including design time, file prep, machine prep, registration, material prep, etc.
  • Production – The amount of machine time your project will require billed in 1/4 hour increments at our hourly rate OR that same cost divided by your total quantity.
  • Material – Cost for the needed materials

An accurate quote cannot be provided until all of these quantities are known.  


Print/Production Setup

Every job, regardless of size, will require going through a setup process.  Setup involves preparing the file, as well as preparing the material and the machine for print/production. It also includes registration and may involve the use of a template or “jig”.  This time is accounted for in the “setup fee” and you will be notified in advance this cost.  If you have provided a design or file that requires additional work beyond a standard conversion/setup, it will require design services.


Policy for Design Time

Project Layout (Production File): If you need assistance preparing a file for print/production, go to Start a Project or visit our File Prep guidelines.  This service is billed at $100 per hour, in quarter hour increments.  You will be provided with a JPG to review prior to production.  Changes, adaptations and multiple iterations are all considered billable hours, and you will receive a modified preview for each adjustment made .  Production files are property of Pure Black Inc and are for in-house use only. 

Original Artwork: If you are interested in having us create an original design for private use, we can help with that as well. Follow the link to Start a Project and submit a request letting us know what you have in mind and we will get back to you with any follow up questions and a proposal.  Feel free to include any preliminary info like artistic ideas, color schemes, and typography. 



All content contained on this website as well as content submitted to clients via email (including attachments, renderings, previews, and all other files) is copyrighted to Pure Black Inc. and is not to be used, recreated, or reproduced in any way without consent from it’s rightful owner.  Payment for a “setup”, a “production file” or “project layout” does not authorize ownership of the end file itself.  Original artwork contracted for design shall be considered “full buyout” and you will be provided vector files upon completion. Unauthorized use of any copyrighted material will be considered infringement and may be subject to statutory damages.


‘Signing Off’ on Work

Prior to production, you will receive an email with a visual and/or written proof for production, which confirms the items to be produced and all project stipulations.  By responding to this with a yes, go, affirmative, green light or any other written acceptance of the project stipulations, you assume all quoted fees for the design and production.  This company assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies not spotted in the design proof, so PLEASE look them over carefully!



Custom made products are not not available for return.  If you receive work that is not consistent with the project stipulations or an error has been made on our end, a request for a replacement must be submitted within 10 business days of receipt of the product.  Upon verification, your replacements will be moved to the front of the production queue.  After 10 business days we reserve the right to decline replacements so please inspect the work in a timely fashion. In the event of a project cancellation, you will be responsible for all work rendered to the point of cancellation, as well as any applicable material costs, transportation costs, and other expense incurred. 


Supplied Materials

This company assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost materials supplied by our customers.  We assume no responsibility for errors or mistakes on customer supplied materials. We do not insure or replace any supplied materials.  When you supply materials to Pure Black Inc. you assume the replacement cost of those materials.


Turnaround/Rush Fees

There are a number of variables that go into the time line for production.  We cannot provide you a “typical” turn time, but usually ask for 3-5 business days. If you have a rush job or deadline please advise us of this in advance.   We will let you know if we can meet your timeline and/or provide a realistic production time estimate for your job. if we are able to accommodate your project and it requires being moved ahead of existing work, a rush fee of 20% of the total project cost will be applied.  Additional shipping fees for materials may also apply.

The term “deadline” means “By this date or the job is dead.”  Do not use this word unless it applies.  We work hard to meet our clients’ requests so please don’t rush a job if it is not necessary.



On some projects we will request a deposit, which can be paid in any of the forms listed below. You will be notified of this in advance.  In the event of a cancellation or last minute change, you will be refunded whatever portion of the deposit is available, after material, shipping and production time has been accounted for.


Payment Terms

Payment is due upon completion of the project. We offer Net30 terms to eligible businesses with a valid PO provided.  Payments not received within 30 days from the date of the invoice will be subject to a 10% late fee.  Payments not received within 60 days will be subject to a 20% late fee.  Payments not received within 90 days will be pursued in court.