We offer design services for logos, print layout, photography, art direction, and a gratuitous smear of other types of graphic design. To get started on a custom design project with us, call or email with a description of your needs. From there we will zero in on a plan of attack for your project, and gets us from square one to the finish line in as little time as possible. Once the project is in motion, be as specific as possible when providing revisions and critiques as that factors into time on the drawing board, and thus, final cost.


We specialize in fast and efficient 2D vector design work. Just about every project that passes through our facility has some form of vector or CAD file associated with it  as those files are how we communicate with our machines. If you have a file ready to go to printwe will look it over and convert it free of chargeincluding minor tweaks and revisions. If you need a file created or your file needs additional revisionswe can take care of it for a very reasonable cost. Please look over our file setup instructions for Laser and CNC, and get familiar with our Print Setup notes which are explained in the Policy section.


Like our other services design work is billed hourly. We want to give you the best price possible so we treat the timing/duration of the project with urgency. Our hourly rate is determined by the surrounding aspects of the job, but we can supply an estimate once we’ve had a chance to discuss the stipulations of the project. If you need to stay within the constraints of a set budget, please be upfront with that and we will do our best to accommodate.

Feel free to ask for help if you have any questions regarding these design services.