Let's make something people will talk about.

At Pure Black Inc. we have the experience, knowledge, tools and imagination to help you design something extraordinary. Let’s create something that will make a lasting impression.

What’s important to us…

We absolutely love the challenges involved with what we do, combining right and left brain, art and science, math and design.  The end results keep us motivated to accomplish more.  You’re not hiring us to push a button on a machine.  Here is what you get from us:

PASSION: Energy and enthusiasm to attentively assist with your project.  You’re working with people who care about what they’re doing.

PLANNING: Experience provides us with the foresight to identify potential problems. It’s the “measure twice, cut once” concept on steroids.

PERSISTENCE: We’re gonna get it right, period.  We absolutely refuse to cut corners.  If there’s a problem, the solution will be found.

PRODUCTION: Hands on approach to every project. From concept to completion and everything in between.

Our Team

Andrew Black

Button pusher.  Dust maker.  Enjoys short sprints on the beach . 2 Live.  Pancake flipper.  Dune jumper.  Votes “yes” on water temps between 72-110°F.  Still has all 10 fingers.  Film buff.  Irrational logic. If there was a problem, yo I’ll (you get it).

Andre Cruz

I’m relatively mellow unless you hand me a microphone.  Number dodger.  Triple Z’er.  Annoyed by almost good enough.  Social analyst.  Crowd pleaser.  Show up or shut up.  Walken impressionist.  I HATE JOKES (just kidding).

Matt Connolly

Lens snapper.  Pixel grinder.  Hashtagger.  Tastemaker.  Don’t hate on my old Volvo. Quick wit.  6 speed.  Reference anything.  Let the robot cook the Totino’s.  Beer (Henhouse) aficionado.  Smart enough to know my girlfriend’s smarter.

Brice Smith

Wordsmith.  Logic processor.  Streamliner.  Hoops enthusiast.  One more beer.  Storyteller.  Guide.  Here to listen and help.  Pepperdine’s finest.  Get-it-right-er.  Make sense out of nonsense.  Tell me there’s pizza.

Mike Sullivan

Instant winner.  Car flipper.  Sunday morning trail mudder.  America.  Son of a gun.  Wheelie master.  Kid juggler.  If things need doing, they get done.  Bill’s wolf-father.

Pretzels Eaten

Completed Projects

Satisfied Clients

F**ks Given

Our Founder’s Story

Andrew Black is the owner and proprietor of Pure Black Inc. located in beautiful Sonoma County, California.  He was born on the sunny shores of South Florida and has always had an affection for math and art.  He started his career path as a laser engraver in 1999 working for a sports memorabilia company.  There he honed his skills in production and fabrication as well as vector design and layout, all while attending school full time — completing his B.A at Florida Atlantic University.  During his tenure at the engraving shop, Andrew was driven to make more than just sports memorabilia.  He asked the owner Norman if he could rent machine time on nights and weekends to pursue additional projects.

Venturing Out

During those evenings and weekends, Andrew started producing stencils for various artists, becoming a known source for high-quality work with excellent collaboration skills and consistent turnaround times. In 2005 his client and job lists grew enough for him to start his own business and open his first shop.

Moving West

In 2010, Andrew moved back to Northern California and was forced to consolidate his 2000 sqft. shop into a 400 sqft. garage. He managed only a handful of projects while assisting his wife in starting her business, Andrew joined a tool sharing facility where he strengthened his skills in CNC production and learned how to operate a ShopBot router. 

Back in Business

In 2012, he was able to move the business back into a commercial facility. No longer confined to a two car garage, Andrew expanded Pure Black Inc.’s assets even further securing a top of the line UV printer, two laser cutting machines, a ShopBot CNC machine, and various other tools to produce visually striking and quality work, with a heightened emphasis on custom fabrication.

The New Digs

In 2019 Andrew is moving Pure Black Inc. into a new facility designed to his needs.  Pure Black Inc. has produced some amazing custom products for customers with household names to smaller clients in need of one art piece.  All of the work that Andrew produces have all of the quality, care and artistry you should expect from a quality custom fabrication shop.   Check out his work and let’s get started on something for you.