About Us

Our Shop

We are a design and custom fabrication shop located in Santa Rosa, California serving not just Sonoma County, but the entirety of the greater Bay Area and beyond.

We specialize in

Laser cutting and engraving

CNC Routing (2D cutting, carving, and scoring)


Fabrication and assembly

Various types of print, paint, and finish, including UV printing

Artistic and industrial design

Who we’ve worked with

We love working with clients big and small. Here’s a short list of names we’ve collaborated with:

Bacardi, Lagunitas Brewing Company, HenHouse Brewing Company, Fat Jimmy Amps, DabbenPort Extracts, Shepard Fairey, NFL, MLB, NBA, Airbnb, Dropbox, Paypal, Revive Kombucha, Equator Coffees & Teas, Redbull, Nike, and Pacific Gas and Electric.

About our people

Andrew Black is the owner and proprietor of our fine establishment based in beautiful Sonoma County, California. He was born on the sunny shores of South Florida where he was molded by humidity, sunburns, radio edits of 2 Live Crew, and alligators.

Andrew started his career path as a laser engraver in 1999 for a company in Florida that produced cases for sports memorabilia. There he honed his skills at production and fabrication as well as vector design and layout all while attending school full time — completing his B.A at Florida Atlantic University. During his tenure at the engraving shop, Andrew was driven to make more than just sports memorabilia. He asked the owner Norman if he could rent machine time on nights and weekends to pursue passion projects.

In those nights and weekends, Andrew started producing stencils for various artists big and small, becoming a known source for high-quality work with excellent collaboration skills and consistent turnaround times. In 2005 his client list and job list grew enough for him to start his own business with his own 2000 sqft shop.

In 2010, Andrew moved to Northern California with his wife to pursue her dreams, which meant he had to consolidate 2000 sqft. worth of shop to a 300 sqft. garage. While assisting his wife to start up her dream business, Mixed Greens Preschool, Andrew joined a tool sharing facility where he strengthened his skills in CNC milling and learned how to operate a ShopBot milling machine.

No longer confined to a two car garage, Andrew expanded Pure Black Inc.’s assets even further  securing a top of the line UV printer, two laser cutting machines, a ShopBot CNC machine, and various other tools and toys to produce visually striking and quality work, with an emphasis on a new focus: custom fabrication.

I’m Matt Connolly — also a recent addition to Andrew’s team here at Pure Black Inc. I come from an IT background and was previously working an office gig for an insurance company in Santa Rosa. During the Sonoma County fires in October 2017, I worked with a local vinyl and signage shop to fund, create, and distribute free or near free #sonomacountystrong decals and lawn signs thanking first responders for their hard work and to incentivize donations to aid in the recovery process. It was through that volunteer work that I understood the importance of local businesses and artists and the impact they have in their communities.

When Andrew presented me with a job opportunity and showed me his portfolio of work and clients — I jumped on the chance to follow my passion to collaborate with local hard working artists and artisans. He also told me there would be free beer involved so — honestly a pretty easy decision.

Speaking of getting a look at our portfolio of work and clients — follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to keep up to date with whatever new projects we’ve gotten our hands on.