We offer CNC milling and fabrication work using our router/spindle for individuals
and businesses looking to manufacture projects of all shapes and sizes.


We operate a Shopbot PRS Alpha 3 axis 2.2HP spindle that functions over a
97×49″ work table with a powerful vacuum draw down. This digitally controlled
router is capable of cutting, carving, and marking with
incredible detail on a large scale.

Great for producing modular elements, furniture, displays, signs,
and removing fingers (gulp). Files can be cut 2D and carved 3D.
We stock an assortment of materials and router bits and will happily
accommodate a project that requires the use of a non-stock bit or material.


Various Woods, Plastics, Metals (steel, aluminum, brass) Vinyl, Foam,
and anything else that responds to a spinning metal object.


Our very reasonable pricing is on a per project basis, and factors in file preparation,
material, total production time, setup and finishing work (whichever are applicable –
click here to learn more). We are happy to supply you with an estimate in advance.


Arrange your designs on a document sized at 48×96″ and position the cut files within
those boundaries. When placing your cuts, consider the separation between objects and
allow for the bit to pass between those spaces. You’ll need to indicate whether the cuts
happen inside, outside or on the lines, and make sure and accommodate for that in your
file as well.

If you have further questions on file prep, or if you need a little help putting
together your file, no problem at all, let’s talk.